Your steadfast love and mercies never cease.   They are new every morning.   Great is your faithfulness, O God.

About Me

Glad you’re taking some time to get to know me better!

My name is Khoi Ngo. In Vietnamese, my mom tells me my name can mean handsome or corn. Perhaps I am a descendant of the farmers of the corn fields. As a Vietnamese-American, I discovered the blessings of being immersed in multiple cultures. For one…the FOOD is excellent! Secondly, there are more opportunities to connect with people on many different levels.


At UCI, I learned about information, the way it was organized, stored, and mobilized in business and technology. Information, if leveraged effectively can provide intelligence in any arena. I received my BS in Information and Computer Science.

As a business technology strategist and visionary, my role is to facilitate business process improvement, implement controls, and to automate process. I zone in and remove non-value added steps to increase efficiency and workflow. Once we get a clear picture of how things flow, we leverage the power of innovative technology to streamline these processes. The biggest challenge is influencing and changing the work culture; but it’s definitely exciting to paint a future and see people take ownership. Stockholders and the Board are also very pleased when we cut cost and do more with less! It comes down to adding value to people’s lives.

A vital aspect of my life is creating space to be with friends and family. It’s exciting to be with different people in different places as I travel around. I enjoy all different types of ethnic dishes. If available, I can drink Thai tea everyday! I love to engage in honest discussions about culture, faith, religion, and philosophy. I consistently blog and write about my challenges and struggles. I enjoy coaching and sharing my experiences with the purpose of helping others reach their potential, process pain, and discover who they are. I’m also in the process of discovering my emotions and pain on a deeper level.

Four year goal:

  • To invest in and impact 5 people’s lives in the area of relationship, spirituality, and talents.
  • To engage 3 cultures different than mine.
  • To be flexible and fluid like water.
  • To know myself as God knows me.
  • To prioritize and focus.

I hope to run into you sometime!